Phifer Incorporated is a leader in the Insect Screen, Solar Control Fabrics,
Draw Wire, Engineered Products and Designed Fabrics Industries as well as The World's Largest Producer of Aluminum and Fiberglass Insect Screening.

CV Screening Rescreening/repair

pool cages - screen enclosures

lanais - patios - DECKS

we only provide quality screening products - every job comes with a warranty whether you repair a single screen panel or an entire screen enclosure

CV Screening Screen Enclosure Repair and Rescreening

We also offer Super Screen

We Offer Different Types of Phifer Screening Materials

*  ( 18x14 ) Fiberglass Pool and Patio Insect Screening is excellent for large openings,          

    which require extra durability.

* ( 20x20 ) No-Seeum Fiberglass Screen provides excellent protection from small insects.

* ( Glas-shield ) Phifer Glas-Shield is 18x14 fiberglass mesh that has been Vinyl-Laminated.

 Glas-Shield can be installed in the lower enclosure panels ( chair rail down ).

* ( TuffScreen ) Phifer TuffScreen is a Heavy-Duty, vinyl-coated polyester insect screening that is ideal for use in high traffic areas. Pet Resistant and Tear/Puncture Resistant, TuffScreen  is stronger than regular insect screening.         ( 10 Year Warranty )

* ( Pet Screen ) Phifer Pet Screen, Pet-Resistant insect Screening, is Tear/Puncture Resistant to prevent damage by cats and dogs. Ideal for use in high traffic areas.

10 Year Warranty